Yoga Calm Educating the Heart, Mind and Body

Posted 5/28/13

Kid's Yoga Camp Wellness and Nutrition Education for Children June 24-27 or August 5-8 from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m.

Help you child develop healthy habits for a lifetime of wellness and happiness. Yoga Calm give children a practice and routine that integrates physical, mental and emotional development. Skills and activities covered include:

Simple breathing techniques to slow down the nervous system, develop self-control and connect children with their feelings

Yoga poses to release energy, learn compassion, and develop strength, concentration, and self-confidence

Counseling games and process that develop patience, mindfulness, compassion, leadership, and other social/emotional skills

Relaxation techniques and storytelling to calm the body and mind, and integrate physical, emotional and cognitive experiences

Experience mindful eating and each day a healthy snack will be provided

This cam is open to all, ages 7 through 12, and is beneficial for children with attention and social difficulties. Through Yoga Calm practice, your child will develop more personal awareness and learn specific strategies to maintain focus and manage their emotions and impulses. Over time, Yoga Calm skills and practices develop greater health, self-mastery and well-being.

Select one of two weeks

June 24-27 or August 5-8 from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m.

$149 per child for a 1 week session ($20 discount for additional siblings)


Kosha Yoga Studio

1500 W. Littleton Blvd

Littleton, CO 80120

Class size is limited to 16 students per week

Please contact Carrie 303-875-2438 or

Ilga Paul | RYT, OTR, a Certified Yoga Calm Trainer and has been an occupational therapist with Littleton Public Schools. Previously she worked with Ft. Logan Mental Health Center Children's Units, with the Colorado Juvenile Justice System in a locked unit at Craig Hospital.

Kim Oliva | E-RYT, a Certified Hatha-Inspired yoga instructor and Certified Yoga Calm Trainer. She also teaches for The Wellness Initiative which brings yoga-based wellness programs to low-income youth in Colorado schools to improve physical health, social and emotional development, and academic performance.