Local Charter C2E Provides Computers for Each 5-8 Grade Student

Posted 7/18/13

C2E pilots a 1:1 ratio for students and computer devices, including several younger grade classrooms. Tablets, laptops, Chromebooks, and other devices are being used by all students in this Science and Math focused school!

As local retailers prepare for back to school sales, students at C2E Charter in Parker will be buying less loose-leaf paper. Digital education has evolved into a primary priority at Challenge to Excellence.

Embracing a heavy emphasis on math and science, C2E has invested in resources that cater to today’s learners. The K-8 charter has provided a one to one ratio between computer devices and students for students in grades five through eight. They are also piloting one to one devices for classrooms in second, third, and fourth grade. The rest of the younger grades are at one student device for every two students. The devices include desktop computers, laptops, Chromebooks, and tablets, giving students a broad experience base.

Linda Parker, the Director at C2E, continues to invest in tech tools, bringing C2E closer every year to a one to one ratio for her Kindergarten through Eighth grade Charter. She asserts that, “This generation of learners do not necessarily respond to the modalities of instruction delivery that have been traditionally used in classrooms.  This generation is being raised with multiple forms of video and audio information streams occurring simultaneously.  In order to meet them where they are, we need to provide tools that can meet their needs.”