Fall In Love With Castlewood Canyon State pak

Posted 8/18/13

Welcome the fall season by visiting Castlewood Canyon State Park. Historic characters will be on hand to share what it was like before cell phones, the internet and electricity. Storm Woman and Mato will be on hand to add a Native American spirit.

Friends of Castlewood Canyon State Park (Friends) is sponsoring an event that may be very interesting this year, a Fall Festival. The question is what will the day be like? Late summer, fall or early winter, no matter what the weather “It Is Always A Great Day In The Park!” The date is Saturday, September 28, 2013. The activities begin at 10:00 a.m. and will end at 3:00 p.m. The center of activities will be at the Canyon Point Parking Lot. Take Highway 83 five miles south of Franktown and the park entrance is on the right.

We wish to welcome the changing season and cooler weather. We will also bid the turkey vultures adios as they leave the park for their journey south for their warm weather winter retreat.

There will be historic characters on hand to give a glimpse back in time to when fall meant harvest and preparing for the winter months. The days harkened back to are the days prior to cell phones, the internet, electricity and cars. These were the days of one horse power vehicles and one person power washing machines. Head down to Cherry Creek to learn how to pan for gold.

To help with our experience will be Storm Woman a Colorado Mountain Ute and Mato a French Canadian Cree. They will add a Native American spirit to the celebration. Drum beating and dancing with Pikes Peak in the background will provide many opportunities for picturesque photos. To see the grandeur of the valley below come to the Pikes Peak Amphitheater.

Friends of Castlewood Canyon State Park will be cooking a Romantic Lunch (remember to Fall In Love with Castlewood Canyon) of hamburgers and hotdogs…donations gratefully accepted. 

For a more modern touch Franktown Fire Protection District will be on hand for those that are more interested in big, shiny, red trucks.

All this happens on the east side of the park, take the Highway 83 entrance.