Dougals County Youth Congress - Sept. 16, 2013

Posted 8/16/13

9th - 12th graders living in Douglas County - you are invited to Youth Congress, an event hosted by the Douglas County Youth Initiative. This event has been designed to encourage youth to discuss issues that affect them. Students then meet with local leaders to share their opinions.

YOUTH CONGRESS 2013 - September 16th, 8:30-3:30, at the State Capitol

Douglas County Youth Congress is back and it's bigger than ever - - on September 16, 2013, approximately 100 youth delegates will gather for a full day of inspiration and action during which they'll discuss issues with each other and with Subject Matter Experts. Students will then present their findings to an audience of County leaders. Issues this year include: 1) Fracking; 2) Violence and Video Games 3) Arts in School 4) Block Schedules 5) The School District Budget 6) Teen Driving Laws 7) Should your College Major be Tied to your Loan and 8) Sugary Drinks in School?

Keynote event this year will be a live mock trial of Teen Court. Teen Court, part of the juvenile justice system, was founded on the principles of restorative justice: accountability, competency development (learning for the defendant) and community safety. Teen Court focuses on restoring the harm done to the community by juveniles who have committed a misdemeanor offense for the first time. When sentenced to court, juveniles have the option of going to Teen Court, where they can be represented by peer attorneys and given a sentence by a jury of their peers

Call 303-688-4825, 5327 to find out more and to reserve your spot. Transportation and lunch are provided.