Colorado Start-Up Launches Crowd-Funding Promotion to Advertisers

Posted 3/7/13

A purpose-driven start-up based in Littleton is approching advertisers to help them expand their youth sports, online advertising advertising network.

Start-up’s Unique Crowd-Funding Promotion Aimed at Advertisers

A purpose-driven advertising network is launching a new approach to building its’ start-up business; crowd-funding.

Specifically, crowd-funding among advertisers that stand to benefit most when the ad network reaches a substantial national audience.

The Active Youth Network, LLC (AYN) was created to generate revenue to support youth sports by giving its’ profits back to the network’s member clubs and schools.

AYN’s mission is to reduce the financial burden on families with kids in youths sports.

“We think this is a situation where certain advertisers have a stake in our efforts to  build this network”, according to Nick Cavarra, President & CEO.  “There is no national network that reaches a broad audience of families with kids in youth sports.  We realized that the Internet makes it possible to reach people on their club, team and school websites. And the money we generate can be used to promote and fund youth sports.”

70% of the money AYN generates goes to fund scholarships, save imperiled sports programs and buy needed equipment.

Cavarra also pointed out that youth sports organizations are turning to mobile apps to manage youth sports activities and that AYN is working with leading providers of the technology. Mobile also happens to be the fastest growing online advertising category.

AYN is sending a promotional package to nearly 1,000 media decision makers this month asking for a modest initial investment, $500 a month and in return advertisers will receive substantial advertising exposure on the AYN network.  

AYN’s new value added reseller agreement with AYSO, the American Soccer Youth Organization, is the impetus for the promotion. Adding AYSO’s membership of 50,000 teams, 600,000 players and more than 1 million parents is in Cavarra’s words, “like making the jump to lightspeed” in audience growth.

The bottom line, is that advertisers will have an opportunity to help build a network that will help them market their products and services for years to come.

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